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In the Beginning....

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

...I thought about leaving the first post blank - because as you all know "...the earth was astonishingly void, with darkness over the surface of the abyss.." (Bereishit 1:2). However - I realized a pitch black background and no content wouldn't be super useful, or likely appreciated.

Thus - I decided instead that it might be good to make the first post about some of the reasons for this blog, and a little bit of an initial backgrounder to provide some context and orientation.

Why are we creating this Aliyah blog?

The intention is to make this a journal of sorts regarding the process of making Aliyah. Aliyah is, in my opinion, an intense and emotional experience full of significant life challenges and difficult choices. It is doubly so for many converts who have little to no 'historical ties' to the land of Israel in their current terrestrial lifetime. There is much to consider, evaluate and investigate when attempting to make a life change of this sort - and thus we felt it would be good to capture this experience in a blog - and share it with others who may be contemplating making this same life change.

Some objectives:

  • To be as raw and honest as possible during the course of our journey. It will be full of ups and downs, high moments and lows, indecision and decisiveness

  • While this blog primarily focuses on making Aliyah from Canada to Israel - as you may have guessed from title - an objective will be to cover some of the unique challenges faced by converts and their families as well.

  • To try to be as regular as possible in creating entries. With 3 small children, full time jobs, Torah studying, davening and other 'side hustles' to make ends meet - time is in short supply.

Who is this for?

The blog is largely intended for North American Jews contemplating making Aliyah to Israel, or supporters of Israel who may wish to know what it is like to make such a transition. That being said - I wanted to provide some context as well about who we are, and what we believe in which may help with expectations around content.

We are an Orthodox Jewish family of the middle class variety living in Ontario Canada. We believe in the Torah, keeping Shabbat, Kosher, Family Purity, pursuing Emet and working on our Middot to try to improve our Avodahs Hashem. We believe Israel is a holy land given to the Jews by Hashem - and it is a mitzvah to walk in the land of Israel. As such - some of this blog will cover the concerns that religious folks have in making Aliyah to Israel.

Currently - we have 3 small children - all 5 and under, with a 4th (Bezrat Hashem) not far away. This places some interesting constraints and challenges on our journey to make Aliyah - and is in fact one of the main drivers behind it (more on that in another post). It may be helpful for others that are contemplating making Aliyah to know how the process 'works' with small children - however we also want to make sure we maintain a certain level of anonymity - which brings me nicely to that topic.

While we will strive to share as much information as possible about the Aliyah process and experience, we would like to maintain a certain level of anonymity for numerous reasons - not least of which the desire to share real thoughts and emotions on this challenging journey. What the right mix is in terms of sharing and withholding - we'll have to sort that out along the way.

Are you really moving to Israel?

At the moment we think so - we have a target timeline in mind - but life brings unexpected changes. If we change our timeline, or our minds along the way - we'll cover that too. This is a big decision that has many factors involved - and we're allowed to change our minds.

I think that's it for now.

Until next time

ben Avraham

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